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Sitting Bull Publications, LLC
Submission Guidelines

Sitting Bull Publications, LLC is a full service, royalty-paying publisher. Authors pay no fees for covers or editing. We are NOT a subsidy/vanity press. Our authors receive per eBook title 40% for sales.

Thank you for your interest! Sitting Bull Publications, LLC is always open for submissions of most genres. Currently, we are not accepting submissions for Inspirational, and Non Fiction manuscripts.

Please note the following: Your submission must have electronic (eBook) and print rights (paperback) available. If any of these rights are not available, please do not submit. If you have recently have had the rights to an erotic romance returned to you, we will consider reprint rights. However, we do ask authors to consider submitting a second, original work to us as well.

If you submit a work that has been uploaded to Smashwords, Kindle, PubIt, Lulu, Wattpad, Scribd, Authonomy, or a similar website, we consider this a published work and will not consider it. We are only interested in original, unpublished works from new authors.

Sitting Bull Publications, LLC releases titles primarily in electronic book (eBook) format. Release in print is not a guarantee.

Sitting Bull Publications, LLC does not pay advances on contracted works.

Sitting Bull Publications, LLC is a royalty-paying publisher, and does not charge fees to the author.
*Note* We prefer no multiple submissions (submitting one manuscript to multiple publishers for contract consideration), however Sitting Bull Publications, LLC will accept the necessity of them. In the case of multiple submissions, the author is obligated to divulge (at the time of submission) a manuscript's multi-submitted status and keep Sitting Bull Publications, LLC up-to-date and current on the status of the manuscript's progress.

Sitting Bull Publications, LLC DOES NOT accept the following under any circumstances, no exceptions:

  • Submissions from persons under 18 years of age
  • Incest (including twin-cest)
  • Necrophilia
  • Bestiality (sentient fantasy creatures allowed)
  • Bodily Functions (golden showers, et al)
  • Minors in sexual situations (pedophilia)
  • Violence/Death in sexual situations
  • Weapons (knives, guns, et al) used as sex toys
  • Rape as titillation
  • Rape represented in a positive light
  • Racial Intolerance

Submit your Manuscript for our review:

Send an email to the following should be placed in the body of the email:

  • Title
  • Author pen and real names & email address
  • Genre Word count of full manuscript
  • Blurb (200 words max)
  • Previous publication credits
  • The attachment (doc, docx, or rtf) must contain: (please attach file, do not place chapters in body of email) The first three chapters and the final chapter of your manuscript (If it is a short story of 7-15,000 words, send the full manuscript.)

Remember: We publish electronic books (although most of our titles are also eventually issued in print). Almost all our work is done electronically; we do not accept paper submissions. Most communication is via e-mail.

Please be sure your submission has been thoroughly self-edited and has been proofread by several skilled and experienced persons other than yourself. It should be free of typos and grammatical errors.

We do not specify a required format and your manuscript will not be rejected due to formatting. We suggest using one-inch margins and a common, variable, serif font (such as Times Roman, Arial, Book Antiqua).

You will be sent an acknowledgment when your submission is received, usually within 24 to 48 hours. The estimated time when you can expect an answer from us as to whether your novel has been accepted is usually within 30 days, however due to fluctuations in submissions, the time could be shorter or longer. If you have not heard from us after 120 days, please feel free to send an inquiry. Make sure to include your book title and other information in any queries so we can readily identify you.

We do not pay advances, but royalties are paid on the net amount of each sale concluded within each sale concluded within each month. The author receives a royalty statement outlining sales information, along with the royalty check.

If you have any questions, please email us at Write Question in the subject line.



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