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Lover of Gay Romance

Yes, that's me. I love men. In all shapes, sizes and hues. From the time I laid eyes on a certain clarinet player in my middle school band class, I realized that I had a deep appreciation of the male form. It took a few more years for me to gather to courage and tell anyone, but that never stopped me from having several mind-blowing relationships in my mind.
I came up with the idea to write Ron and Travis because I, and so many other gay men, struggle with our weight and appearance. Competition for a good looking man is tough especially when there are so many fine single guys on the prowl. A man's gotta handle his business and step up to the plate, but so many of us just aren't there. Does that mean we should be loved any less? Or that we should get the scraps? A double hell no! 
Ron and Travis are a modern day odd couple who are completely in love in a committed relationship. Do they have problems? Of course they do. The stories take us through their lives as they build on the foundation of love and trust. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, I hope you will today. I believe you'll enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed writing the story of their love.

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