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Our Products: Mainstream Romance > EPUB-Mainstream Romance
SKU: Secrets-Epub
Wealthy Industrialist David Baxter died and left Chastity, his Administrative Assistant the bulk of his estate. Great right? That was until she faced his greedy relative in a court battle over the estate, which opens a can of Secrets. Court exposure sets off a string of events that reach as high as the United States Senate Chambers and as low as State prison walls. Through everything, Chastity once again must face her past Secrets. Desperate measures won’t allow her to push her childhood friend, Lt. Cmdr. Kenton Stone to the side, she needs his help, even though she hides the biggest Secret of all from him. More details...
List Price: $3.99
Price: $2.99
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Product Details
  • Author: Erosa Knowles
  • Formats: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Mobipocket (.prc), Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
  • Published By: Sitting Bull Publishing
  • Published: Aug 29, 2011
  • ISBN # 9781937334079
  • Word Count: 58,035
  • Heat Index
"Mr. Jamison, I see your client is here. The plaintiff is here as well, shall we begin?" The anorexic woman's deep voice startled Chastity out of her reverie.

"Yes, thank you,” Mr. Jamison answered.

The woman nodded. "Good. My name is Ms. Jackson. I will serve as Mediator today. Due to the nature of this claim, I have asked Mr. John Abrams to assist since he has a lot of experience with these types of cases." She pointed to the man seated next to her before looking across the table at Maude Stone.

"As attorney for Ms. Stone, we appreciate any assistance in setting these matters straight as expeditiously as possible." Her attorney flipped through a stack of papers, before glancing across the table to Mr. Jamison.

The mediator nodded. "A grievance was filed against the will of Mr. David Baxter by his sister, Mrs. Maude Stone— "

"Why am I here wasting my time?” Chastity blurted, unable to hold it in any longer, her jaw tight. "Mr. Baxter had the right to leave his money and property to whoever he wanted to.” Brows raised and head tilted, she stared at the shellacked hair on Maude Baxter’s head and wished she had a match to send it sky-high in flames.

"If he weren’t unduly influenced, which I believe he was,” Maude snapped, her eyes narrowed in challenge.

The heifer wants to play. Bring it on. "So you’re rewriting the law now?” She shoved a tendril of hair behind her ear.

"Just stating it so you can understand.” Her tone dripped acid.
"Cut the crap, you’re fighting his will ‘cause I’m black. If I were white, your nose’d be so far up my ass, I’d be breathing for you.” He’d told her to come out fighting, throw down the gauntlet.

Maude Stone's neck and shoulders tensed at the distasteful confrontation. "What’s up with you people?” She chuckled with an evil grin and pushed herself forward, her breast squashed against the table.

Chastity’s teeth snapped together as her face blazed. "You people?” Eyes widening, she leaned forward, palms on the table, and stood. "Oh hell no, you didn’t.” This bitch doesn’t know me.

Maude rolled her eyes. "Yeah, anytime something happens, you scream it’s because of your color. That’s getting so old. Somebody says something against the President, it's because he’s black. If the police make a mistake, take down the wrong person, it’s because he’s black; if the rent goes up, it because he’s black; if the sun don’t shine, it’s because of somebody black. Damn, the sun don’t just shine on black people. Listen, the only color that matters in the world today is green. And I’m fighting my brother’s will because you’re a gold-digging whore.”

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