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Run To You-Epub
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Run To You-Epub

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SKU: Run To You-Epub
Brenda and Roark lived the "Happily Ever After” part of the fairy tale. He’d rescued her from the bad guys, swept her off to his home, and loved her like a madman. Brenda was in heaven, until she went to visit her dying aunt and disappeared. Roark, his brothers and the men of 3X Construction race against time to find the woman Roark refuses to live without. This book is a part of the Men of 3X CONStruction series. Although it can be read as a stand- alone book, the reading is more enjoyable when the other books in the series are read first. Visit the men of 3X construction website for updates and free reads. More details...
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Price: $3.99
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Run To You-Epub
Run To You-Epub
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Product Details
  • Author: Erosa Knowles
  • Formats: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Mobipocket (.prc), Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
  • Published By: Sitting Bull Publishing
  • Published: Nov 23, 2011
  • ISBN # 9781937334123
  • Word Count: 76,641
  • Heat Index
"Mornin’ sunshine.” His voice held remnants of sleep.
Brenda giggled and settled closer. Wide, rough palms smoothed her outer thigh, sending tingles of pleasure up her spine. Inhaling deeply, his natural male scent curled inside her heart, and teased her nostrils, beckoning her to play. After six months of living together, her heart still raced whenever he touched her.

"Sleep good?” he asked, his lips next to her ear. His eyes roamed over her face, and then pulled the sheet down to gaze at her naked breasts.

"Um hmm,” she moaned as his hand moved up her thigh and cupped her breast. Her body had been on low simmer since she woke, but as he pulled her taut nipple, heat flowed to her core.

"You smell good.” He breathed deep and long.

She smiled as his fingertips tweaked her other nipple. "You always say that,” she chuckled, although she was pleased her diligence in taking better care of herself had paid off.

"Because it's true.” His hand moved into her hair and massaged her scalp, a major weakness for her. He bent forward, brushing his lips against her forehead, triggering a tremor that shot through her body. Eager for him, she rubbed against his morning hardness. The sun wasn’t the only thing rising. A wicked sigh escaped his mouth as he pressed forward, his thick erection staking its claim on her ass. Intoxicated by his touch, she turned toward him as soft lips grazed her ear. His arm tightened around her waist. Gentle nips on her earlobe sent zings of pleasure between her legs.

"Roark.” Inherent in her husky voice was a plead for more. Indistinct words of pleasure escaped her mouth as his fingertips tapped against her wet entrance. Without thought, her legs spread, allowing him the greater access they both craved. Eyes closed, she joined him as they journeyed to a place where nothing mattered, a world of their making. Each sojourn bound their souls tighter.

The man knew how to make her scream, and right now, an opera worthy performance seemed likely. "You're ready for me,” he said, a smug note in his tone.

If she could move, she'd smack him for stating the obvious. Luckily, he didn't expect an answer. Instead, he pulled up her leg, and slid into her warmth. Her muscles tightened around him in welcome. He groaned and laid his forehead on top of hers.

Nothing compared to the way he made her feel. It was like coming home. For a moment she basked in the sense of fulfillment as they lay, content, connected.

"Love me,” Brenda whispered into the quiet of the room. He pulled her closer to him, rubbing her stomach.

Months ago, when she’d first said those words, he’d tensed. Now, he understood she couldn't say the more vulgar term. What she did with him wasn’t fucking. Not the way her heart reacted whenever he was near, or whenever he touched her, or whenever he loved her. For her, they made love, always had. 

"Whatever my lady desires.”

He started with smooth, gentle strokes. He always started their morning love-fest this way. The beat of her heart picked up, anticipating the next phase. In a few moments he'd become more aggressive. Then, he’d hit his groove and take it up another level. That's when she’d be transported to a realm he’d created for her alone. 

There was no thought or conversation. Their bodies communicated sublime pleasure, yoking them together in a way she couldn’t explain and didn’t bother to try. Quite simply, the man freed her from some unknown prison deep within herself. He pistoned into her, his hips flexing, pounding. She lost focus as her orgasm erupted and flung her past reason into a pool of bliss. Stiffening as the sensations spiraled and tightened; she released herself to his care, knowing they’d make the crossing together. Gasping for air, waves of pleasure rolled through her, leaving her shaking. Hearing his shout of passion, she tightened her vaginal walls to give him an extra jolt of satisfaction. He shuddered as his hand tightened on her toned thigh in appreciation. It was a moment before either of them could talk.

Chest heaving, she rolled to her stomach as he slipped from between her thighs. His palm stroked her ass, providing comfort and keeping them physically connected. She sighed, enjoying her early morning post-coital glow. Slumberous, she wondered if she had time for a nap before starting her day. 

A stinging slap on her butt made her jump. Turning around, her eyes squinted as Roark left the bed. Watching his tight ass flex as he walked away erased the glare she’d meant to send him. This was one view she never tired of seeing. The man had a perfect body and delicious cheeks. And for this space in time, he was all hers. Fingers crossed, he’d be hers for a lot longer.

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